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NCCS LLC is committed to comply with all existing applicable regulatory and other requirements regarding the occupational health, safety and environment and to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work- related injury and ill health, to eliminate hazards and incidents and to reduce the negative impact to the environment based on HSE risks at relevant functions and sites we operate. We will implement this policy and drive to continual improvement by:

  • identifying, assessing and managing the risk associated with our activities to employees, contractors, communities and environment;
  • complying with legal and other requirements such as international standards and Oyu tolgoi HSE requirements;
  • establishing and promoting HSE culture;
  • reducing the use of natural resources and waste generation by utilizing cloud based technology;
  • regular monitoring on HSE performance and training for employees, contractors and other stakeholders;
  • demonstration of responsible HSE leadership (lead by example) in our planning and decision-making;
  • regular review the policy and the way we operate and update it as required.

DIRECTOR                                  O.BATTUR