C2S Box cut

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C2S Box cut


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Khanbogd Soum


Complete detailed design drawing all government approvals, construction supervision and state commissioning


Oyu Tolgoi LLC


This project covers the 1593 Conveyor to Surface (C2S) Conveyor Tunnel and Service Tunnel. These tunnels comprise buried corrugated multi-plate steel arches and associated concrete foundations.
The C2S tunnels have a clear internal height of approximately 6.07m and clear internal width of approximately 6.59m at the base. The Conveyor Tunnel and Service Tunnel decline at 10.2° gradient, for a length of 178.03m and 192.56m (on grade), respectively.
The excavation works for the 1593 Conveyor to Surface Boxcut are covered in Report 1593-10-DRV-1100. Following the Boxcut Excavation Works, the reinforced concrete foundations will be constructed. The corrugated multi-plate steel arches will then be installed, coated with a water-proof coating and backfilled.
During the development of the underground tunnels, two temporary airlock ventilation doors will be in place within the Conveyor Tunnel. The temporary vent doors are sized to accommodate a Sandvik TH663 Dump Truck (design vehicle) with a clear opening of 4235mm high x 4400mm wide. Each temporary vent door includes an emergency escape hatch in one door leaf.



Энхүү төсөл нь Өмнөгөвь аймаг, Ханбогд сумын нутаг дэсвгэрт нийт 4000 га газарт  хийгдэх 24 ширхэг салхин сэнс болон дэд


ADR-ХҮДЭР БАЯЖУУЛАХ ҮЙЛДВЭР Төлөвлөж буй “Хан-Алтай ХХК-ын Алтны хүдэр баяжуулах үйлдвэр”-ын барилга нь тэнхлэгээрээ 84.00м х 39.80м хэмжээтэй, зоорьгүй дан