Chemical warehouse

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Chemical warehouse


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Khanbogd Soum


Complete detailed design drawing all the state approvals, construction supervision and state commissioning


Oyu Tolgoi LLC


This new single storey detached Chemical Warehouse is required to cater for the expected increased chemical usage and to safeguard chemical storage and handling at the site. This new warehouse has been sized to fully house the additional volume of chemicals required for the expanded facility.
The Chemical Warehouse will be built towards the west of the existing Concentrator Building.

The new chemical warehouse is located to the east of the existing Concentrator Building. Forklift access is provided to this building via a roller shutter located on the southern side. Forklifts will be equipped with spark arrestors for flammable chemical handling. There are an existing gate and perimeter fence to the west of this new building and it is assumed additional fencing and gates are not required to further secure the premises.
All chemical trucks enter the building via the Eastern access as shown in the above site plan. A bunded slab with sumps is provided to the south of this new Chemical building for general truck loading and unloading. The mechanical plant room is located on the northern side, away from the general vehicle movement. Based on current information, this new Chemical Warehouse location has minimal impact on existing site services.
The warehouse has a gross floor area of 930.6 m2 and contains 8no. bunded storage bays, each with sumps and channel surface grating. One of the bays is sub-divided into two for the storage of chemicals WTS-9-33 and WTS-7-106. The chemicals stored and their respective storage sizes are as follows:

Adblue (77.2 m2)
 Aero MX 5149 (77.2 m2)
 Aerophone 3422 (70.6 m2)
 Antiprex D (77.2 m2)
 Chem LOC 206C (70.6 m2)
 MS-WTS 5-0017 (70.6 m2)
 WTSS-1125 (70.6 m2)
 WTS 9-33 (41.6 m2)
 WTS 7-106 (34.1 m2)
 Sodium Hypochlorite (shared with Adblue area)
As there are no permanent personnel residing in the building, heating is only required to ensure the internal temperature does not drop below 5°C in the winter. Personnel presence is only for short durations while forklifts are loading and unloading the totes. No allowance had been made for cooling in the summer months. Of all the chemicals being stored in this new facility, only 3 of them have been identified as flammable under NFPA Classifications, i.e, Aero MX 5149 (Class II) and Aerophine 3422 (Class IIIA) and Chem LOC 206C (Class IIIB). To cater for future demands, a 4th compartment is being designed as a 2 hr fire rated compartment with fire-rated doors and walls completed with the low-level exhaust. As an added fire protection measure, the design of this facility has included each individual chemical storage compartment (including those chemicals which are not classified as flammable) as 2 hr fire rated compartment with matching fire-rated roll-up doors as shown in the plans. Intermediate fire rated party walls extend 32 inches (762mm) above the roofline to avoid fire spread between compartments in event of fire. Prefabricated 150mm thick mineral wood (non-combustible and non-ignitable) thermal insulation sandwich panels with corrosion-protected, corrugated steel are used to enclose the building walls and roof. All floors and walls of the compartments where flammable/hazardous chemicals are being stored as provided with anti-static/static dissipative flooring as well. The individual rooms and areas used for the storage of liquid and hazardous material are provided with spill control and secondary containment as per Section 50 of the IFC. Any spill from the largest single container will flow to the sump and collection systems. The floors, sump, and collection system will be constructed of non-combustible material.



Энхүү төсөл нь Өмнөгөвь аймаг, Ханбогд сумын нутаг дэсвгэрт нийт 4000 га газарт  хийгдэх 24 ширхэг салхин сэнс болон дэд


ADR-ХҮДЭР БАЯЖУУЛАХ ҮЙЛДВЭР Төлөвлөж буй “Хан-Алтай ХХК-ын Алтны хүдэр баяжуулах үйлдвэр”-ын барилга нь тэнхлэгээрээ 84.00м х 39.80м хэмжээтэй, зоорьгүй дан