Construction warehouse

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Construction warehouse


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Khanbogd Soum


Complete detailed design drawing all the state approvals, construction supervision and state commissioning


Oyu Tolgoi LLC


The Construction Warehouse structure is a rigid aluminum frame with a flexible membrane. The Construction Warehouse is located to the west of Shaft #2. It is one of the ancillary buildings at the Shaft #2 site planned for temporary use during the establishment period.

The Construction Warehouse is located 360m west of Shaft #2 centreline.
The Construction Warehouse is intended to be in use for approximately 5 years. The structure is approximately 141.4m by 35.6m in size and 14.0m high (to center peak).
The building structure is designed and supplied by a specialist supplier of a rigid frame, flexible membrane buildings, Sprung.
Heating and ventilation will be furnished for the building in winter and summer respectively.