Hazardous waste cell

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Hazardous waste cell


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Khanbogd Soum


Complete detailed design drawing, government approvals, construction supervision and state commissioning


Oyu Tolgoi LLC


The purpose of this engineered hazardous waste cell design is to minimize the risks posed by hazardous waste landfill to the environment and human health. Since hazardous waste should not accumulate in large quantities at a hazardous waste storage/warehouse for an extended period of time.

At an appropriate facility, the waste must be processed to make it suitable for final disposal, this process includes minimizing or eliminating hazardous properties, stabilizing the waste, and reducing its volume, some of the products of these processes may be rendered less hazardous, inert or stabilized properties, while others may still remain hazardous and require disposal at an engineered hazardous waste cell.

– hazardous waste must be sorted out and sealed in designated storage for final disposal.

– this hazardous waste cell was not purposed for radioactive waste. Must not dispose of radioactive hazardous waste.

– must not dispose of liquid hazardous waste cells.

– must not dispose of empty storage in the hazardous waste cell

– for final disposal storage must be filled more than 90% waste

– hazardous sealed waste must be compacted by soil to prevent it from dispersing.

– subsoil must be compacted to 90%.

– clay soil for landfill liquid limit must be 20/w/l/90 and plasticity index  7/i/p/65.

– clay soil must be compacted until the dry weight is c /dm1.6 т/м3/.

– compacted soil must be sampled each 150 m3/ and checked at the laboratory.

– make a plan to construct “surface and stormwater protection system” if necessary,

– when water or liquid is detected in the leak detection layer if necessary final closure the hazardous waste cell process will be started.

– all final closure process must be completed within 180 days of receiving the final waste shipment.

– must follow hazardous waste temporary storing, collecting, transporting, reproduce, disposal and register, report regulation.



Энхүү төсөл нь Өмнөгөвь аймаг, Ханбогд сумын нутаг дэсвгэрт нийт 4000 га газарт  хийгдэх 24 ширхэг салхин сэнс болон дэд


ADR-ХҮДЭР БАЯЖУУЛАХ ҮЙЛДВЭР Төлөвлөж буй “Хан-Алтай ХХК-ын Алтны хүдэр баяжуулах үйлдвэр”-ын барилга нь тэнхлэгээрээ 84.00м х 39.80м хэмжээтэй, зоорьгүй дан