Recreation Center Gym Extention 

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Recreation Center Gym Extention 


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Hanbogd Sum, Oyu Tolgoi Project site next to existing Recreation Center.


Complete detailed design, government approval and state commissioning for recreation center extension were produced by NCCS according to client’s request


Oyu Tolgoi LLC 


32×72 extension building was connected to existing recreation center through collar structure on the ground floor. A second floor was added for efficient space usage purpose.
First floor consists of 2 basketball court and gym area with supplementary spaces like changing rooms, restrooms, storage rooms and technical rooms.
Second floor consists cardio room and ping pong room with adjacent restrooms and coffee corner.
The basketball court area has a double height and was planned with sufficient natural light. During special occasions temporary seats can be arranged on basketball court area up to 600 seats.


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