Shaft 5 exhaust fan

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Shaft 5 exhaust fan


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Khanbogd Soum


Complete detailed design drawing all the state approvals, construction supervision and state commissioning


Oyu Tolgoi LLC


Shaft 5 will be a dedicated exhaust ventilation shaft as part of the Oyu Tolgoi Underground Project. Shaft 5 has a diameter of 6.7m in diameter, is concrete-lined and will be sunk to a depth of 1,195m. Sinking of Shaft 5 is in progress and is due for completion in December 2017.
At the completion of shaft sinking, the sinking infrastructure will be removed and Shaft 5 will be fitted with ducting and three mixed flow surface fans each capable of 220m3/s. This fan system will be used as
exhaust system with reactive silencers at the discharge of the fans. For this application, fan system selected is mixed flow fans.
Each fan will be driven by a 2,320kW electric motor. The complete mine exhaust facility at Shaft 5 will provide a capacity to exhaust up to 651m3
/s of air from the mine.
Each fan consists of several dynamic and static components. All rotating components are considered to be dynamic components. The primary dynamic system for each fan is the drive train which comprises a
mixed-flow impeller, an electric drive motor, cardan shaft and bearings. Non-rotating components are considered to be static components. Static components for for the mine exhaust facility include all ductwork, fan casings, the Eschenburg bend and silencer assemblies.
The designed system comprises three fans connected to one common collar (shaft # 5). The fans are supplied with pre-fabricated modular electrical rooms complete with medium voltage switchgear and softstarters for fan control and low voltage switchgear for auxiliary systems. The facility has been designed in such a way that two fans are operated by soft starters and third fan is direct online (DOL).
Three surface-mounted axial mixed flow fans including all associated electrical, controls and instrumentation equipment for the Shaft #5 main facility. Howden will be supplying a complete operational main fan system including fan/motor and its accessories, connecting ductwork to shaft, and electrical and controls equipment / devices.
The complete mine exhaust fan facility (comprising fans, ducting, silencers, modular electrical rooms and all associated equipment) is being designed, fabricated and supplied by Howden Australia.

Shaft #5 Modular Electrical Room #1 complete with:

  1. 10.5kV switchgear (Main incomer circuit breaker, fan no.1 feeder, fan no.2
    full voltage starter, transformer feeder)
  2. 10.5kV soft starter for fan no.1
  3. 10.5/0.400kV station services transformer (dry type)
  4. 400V/230V motor control center and distribution panels
  5. PLC / Control panel
  6. Communications panel
  7. Fire detection system
  8. HVAC and pressurization units
  9. security access systems



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