Waste water treatment plant (WWTP)

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Waste water treatment plant (WWTP)


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Khanbogd Soum


Complete detailed design drawing all the state approvals, construction supervision and state commissioning


Oyu Tolgoi LLC


This Project is an upgrade to the existed Waste Water Treatment Plant (“WWTP”) facility including its applicable extensions. The existed WWTP building is located adjacent to the existed Ger Camp towards the west of the main site.
The WWTP is being upgraded to accommodate additional capacity required to process the additional wastewater being generated by the increased manning during the construction of the Project, in particular, from the additional flows from the new Oyut Camp II.
This project represents the first of two (2) stages of the works associated with the upgrade of the existed WWTP. The first stage is associated with the early works required to undertake the earthworks and concrete works to extend the building for its new capacity requirements. Whilst the second and final stage includes all remaining works to upgrade the WWTP.

Existed WWTP
The existed WWTP is only designed to process a nominal flow of 840 m3/day utilizing the current processing technology of the Sequencing Batch Reactor (“SBR”), this is equivalent to 4,000 people and their related wastewater flows.

Upgraded WWTP
The WWTP is upgraded to enable it to process a nominal flow of 1,700 m3/day by extending the current building and converting the tanks utilized by the SBR units to enable them to utilize the new process technology of the Membrane Bioreactor (“MBR”). These extensions, along with the process technology upgrade enable the equivalent of 8,000 people and their related wastewater flows to be processed.
In addition, to upgrading the capacity of the WWTP, the works also enable the upgrade to the treated effluent, by the following:
 Installing a sludge dehydrator which minimizes the amount of sludge deposited to the landfill; and
 Installing a new chlorine disinfection system to be utilized in the treated water which further increases the treated water discharge quality.



Энхүү төсөл нь Өмнөгөвь аймаг, Ханбогд сумын нутаг дэсвгэрт нийт 4000 га газарт  хийгдэх 24 ширхэг салхин сэнс болон дэд


ADR-ХҮДЭР БАЯЖУУЛАХ ҮЙЛДВЭР Төлөвлөж буй “Хан-Алтай ХХК-ын Алтны хүдэр баяжуулах үйлдвэр”-ын барилга нь тэнхлэгээрээ 84.00м х 39.80м хэмжээтэй, зоорьгүй дан