Surface & Underground Fuel Delivery System

This project covers the surface component of the fuel system that delivers diesel underground to Shaft 1 Shops. This facility includes a fuel unloading area, fuel storage area and associated tanks, piping, and pumps.This project also covers the borehole that diesel flows through to reach the Shaft 1 Shops underground fuel infrastructure. GENERAL The Shaft […]

Hazardous waste cell

The purpose of this engineered hazardous waste cell design is to minimize the risks posed by hazardous waste landfill to the environment and human health. Since hazardous waste should not accumulate in large quantities at a hazardous waste storage/warehouse for an extended period of time. At an appropriate facility, the waste must be processed to […]

Explosive magazine

Explosive Magazines –engineering contains Manufacturing Plant and Ammonium Nitrate Warehouse, 1 Manufacturing Plant(blasting facility) building is an approximately 25m x 28m and 8m high pre-engineered steel structure. This building will have walls and roofs that are appropriate for this building type and the environment for which it is located. The foundation will be concrete spread […]