Shaft 5 Exhaust Fan Facility

The design of the Shaft 5 Exhaust Fan Facility was approved, and the construction was commenced in May 2017, and the Facility was handed over to the State Commission on June 5, 2019. The construction was carried out by companies such as GCR LLC, NBIK LLC, and Monadelfus Mongolia LLC, and was supervised by engineers from NCSS LLC’s Design Author Team. The primary function of the Exhaust Fan Facility is to exhaust excess air from the underground mine and release it to the surface. As a result, air exchange occurs, and underground mine workers can breathe and work in a safe, fresh air environment. The Facility consists of three fans with a suction capacity of 220 m3/s, air ventilation ducts, and two power substations with a 10.5/0.4kV and 1.25MVA power supply for the fans. Reinforced concrete poles and slab foundations are planned for ventilation fans and exhaust ducts and reinforced concrete poles for power substations.

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