The expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant

The design for the expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant was developed by the general contractor, Jacobs LLC from Australia. NCCS LLC prepared the design per Mongolian construction norms and standards, and it was approved by the Construction Development Center and the National Emergency Management Agency in November 2017. The design expanded the existing Treatment Plant to improve wastewater treatment capacity and treatment levels. Previously, the Treatment Plant had a treatment capacity of 840 m3/day or domestic wastewater of 4,000 people usage, but today it has a treatment capacity of 1,700 m3/day or domestic wastewater of 8,000 people usage. (MBR – Membrane bioreactor) The selective use of the membrane bioreactor cleaning process has improved cleaning effectiveness.
The expansion and renovation of the Treatment Plant will include the following:
– Denitrification tank – 6
– Membrane bioreactor MBR -16
– Bathroom, Operator’s room, Chemical storage room
– Auger cage screen
– Rotary type filter – 2
– Sludge dewatering and press
– It also includes the automation works of technological process equipment such as air blowers, fire manual pull stations and alarms, indoor heating and ventilation systems, and power supply. The construction and erection work of the project began in February 2018. The engineers of NCCS LLC conducted regular design monitoring and handed it over to the State Commission on May 9, 2019.
Figure 1 Wastewater treatment scheme of the Treatment Plant
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