OT site South-Collar house and Underground Operations Ore Handling system – TX#01 successful state commissioning

On October 09, Oyu Tolgoi Underground South Collar House state commission held place consisting of ten members from the Umnugovi Province Governor’s Office, General Agency for Special Inspection /GASI/, the National Emergency Management Authority /NEMA.

 South collar house:

▪ Connected to an existing workshop building;

▪ Access for installation and removal of skip buckets and skip bails; and

▪ Washroom facilities.

▪ Personnel access doors.      

▪ 40/5t electric overhead traveling crane;

▪ One power-operated roll-up door;

▪ One manually operated roll-up door; (connecting the workshop and collar house)

▪ Crash barrier.

Our NCCS Design author`s team engineers approved design drawings and done construction of the Oyu Tolgoi Underground South collar house was completed by company  Moncon according to the design approved by NCCS LLC, over 15 months from June 2022 to September 2023 and successfully handed over to the Client for permanent operation.


We have successfully completed the state commissioning on “Underground Operations Ore Handling system – TX#01” constructed under the scope of Oyu Tolgoi underground project, which locates at the territory of Khanbogd soum of Umnugobi province, on October 09, 2023. During the construction work of the project, design engineers of “NCCS” LLC provided supervision on the construction of architecture, structure, heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, fire water supply, power supply and telecommunication.

The Ore Handling System is used primarily to transport Run of Mine (ROM) ore from the Hugo North underground Extraction Level to the truck loading stations located on the Haulage Level. The OHS is designed to deliver ROM ore with a maximum size of 800mm to the haulage level where truck chutes will be used to load haulage trucks that will transport the ore to the primary crusher. The OHS comprises a series of grizzlies and ore bins with truck loading facilities that will assist in the movement of ROM ore to the crusher ROM bin.

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