Successful State Commissioning of Underground 35/10.5kV Substation

On August 26, Oyu Tolgoi Underground 35/10.5kV substation state commission held place consisting of seven members from the Umnugovi Province Governor’s Office, General Agency for Special Inspection /GASI/, the National Emergency Management Authority /NEMA/, and the South Region Electricity Distribution Network and successfully handed over to Client OT. This is the first 35kV power substation entering to the Oyu Tolgoi underground mining makes it a more crucial object.

Shaft 2 underground mine substation is located at a depth of -1163m and consists of 35kV and 10.5kV switchgear with 35/10.5kV voltage and two 1mVA oil transformers.

Oyu Tolgoi Underground mining planned to develop a 35kV and 10.5kV ring system. Shaft 2 underground mining substation 10.5kV switchgear connected to the 10kV substations ring system powered through Shaft 1. 35kV ring will be between the surface Shaft farm, Shaft 2 substation 35kV switchgear, Decline substations but the construction of the decline substation has not started yet.

External line and up to -24m level cable installation general contractor was “Monadelphous Mongolia” LLC, and the subcontractor was “MMS Engineering” LLC.  -24m to -1163m section of cable installation work done by “Dayan Contract Mining” LLC. Cables, couplings, and substation installation from -1163m to Shaft 2 underground mine substation were performed by “MCS Property” LLC, general contractor, and “RJE Mongolia” LLC performed subcontractor, and “Worley” LLC performed client supervision on this project.  

Our NCCS Design author`s team engineers approved design drawings and done construction supervision on Shaft 2 underground mining general power 3x95MM2 CU/XLPE/LSDH/DSWA/LSDH 1.5KM long double cable line and successfully handed over to the Client for permanent usage.

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