Oyut camp II

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Oyut camp II


Mongolia, Umnugovi Province, Khanbogd Soum


Complete detailed design drawing all government approvals, construction supervision and state commissioning


Oyu Tolgoi LLC


Oyut Camp II includes 1836 bedrooms with a maximum occupancy of 5508 persons. Each bedroom can be configured for single, double or triple occupancy and includes an ensuite bathroom.
This occupancy rate meets the construction accommodation requirements for the OTEP. The rooms are configured to allow for use by operations personnel after the construction phase.
Oyut Camp II consists of 18 accommodation buildings each 3 stories in height and approximately 76 metres long and 18 metres wide. That is 102 bedrooms and maximum 306 persons per building. These are oriented
longitudinally in a north-south building configuration on a hardstand platform to be constructed over a previous ger camp (CC3) located in the North West corner of the existing Oyut Camp. The accommodation buildings have a similar bedroom size and floor configuration as the existing senior accommodation blocks (S blocks) in Oyut Camp.

The previous CC3 Ger camp, which had a maximum capacity of approximately 1500 beds, has been decommissioned.
The new Oyut Camp II accommodation buildings will be assembled using modular pre-fabricated rooms on an earthworks platform raised approximately 2.5 metres above the ground level of the recently de-commissioned CC3 ger camp. The earthworks platform is provided to avoid or at least minimises any hard rock excavation while achieving the required buried pipe services depth to avoid freezing. The height of the hardstand will be optimised based on the soil design parameters noting that the freeze depth of the ground varies according to the soil type and generally varies between 1.7 metres for clay and 2.5 metres for gravel soils.
The bedrooms in the new buildings will be uniformly typical and all en-suited with a shower, toilet and hand basin. The new accommodation buildings will be serviced with domestic cold water, domestic hot water, heating water for reticulation through heating radiators in each bedroom and bathroom, potable water, fire water and wastewater. Grey water (showers and handbasins) will be combined with black water (toilets) for a single wastewater service. Potable water will be provided via combined cold water and hot water dispensers located in the hallways at 3 locations of each floor in each building.
The existing bus stop located to the south of the Oyut Camp II is to be utilized and bus stop and bussing facilities will not be provided as part of the Oyut Camp II development.
Oyut Camp II will tie-in to existing piped water services at the points where sufficient capacity exists. The existing water treatment plant (WTP) and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) will be upgraded if required to meet the demands of Oyut Camp II. Provision of potable water to the new buildings will be by connection into the existing water treatment plant located immediately South East of the new camp.
Good hoist at each accommodation building – This will reduce the risk of health and safety impacts associated with movements of suitcases, laundry, wastes and other materials throughout the 3 story accommodation buildings.
· Potable water system – This will eliminate the need for production and delivery of bottled water to the accommodation buildings. It will also reduce the significant waste impacts of disposing of the used bottles.
· Wind Fence – Site conditions can be very windy. The wind fence will reduce the wind velocity within the
camp area.



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